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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 08:26:24 CEST

Am 20.05.1999, 02:06:51, schrieb Marcello Valenti:

> The problem is not the netiquette ,the problem is
> "have without give"or .......... if U don't want
> subscibe it's ok .please don't pretend that.....

Hi Marcello,

i am sorry that my letter produces such results!

Pure technically spoken you are right, but there's more than ONE way
how such thinks can be discussed: we are human beings not computers
and that means we must try to do thinks in a way that produces a
success even if that way sometimes is not the 100 percent best

If someone (who really does A LOT in helping others on the USENET) has
a look at muLinux and gets a problem and then posts to the list
without subscribing to it, my own reaction was to insult him and
become very unpolite.

That was wrong.
Why ?

Simply because of the fact, that you cannot always act the way you
would if the day had 48 hours instead of just 24 (some of which are
'lost' y sleeping).

Let me explain my opinion:
If you have a question regarding muLinux but not enough TIME to really
participate on the list, you have two possibilites:

#1 write to Michele directly

#1 write to the list nevertheless

Solution #1 has a great disadvantage: in case your problem is also
interesting to others they will have no advantage by you and Michele
mailing privately.

Solution #2 has another disadvantage: in case there are some people
(like me) around there on the list it might happen that they stop
thinking, get little red eyes and start insulting you.

At my humble opinion, the solution #2 should be preferred because by
posting a question here and beging for beeing cc'ed one makes sure the
discussion is really kept on the list and all the others will read the
fine ideas that might be found.
(concerning the problem with the little red eyes: i think this is
something that can be prevented by not writing faster than using the

Concerning you still insisting in the "have without give" theory
perhaps it might be usefull to stop saying such thinks about someone
who is not your living next door to you and whom you really do NOT
know enough to say something like that.
Please take in mind that human beings are VERY different from each

   In this case we learned to know somebody who in fact
   did (and sill does) contribute MUCH to the software
   developing community and really is NOT a man who comes,
   takes the solution, forgets to say Thanks and goes away.

We really cannot insist in forcing anybody who has got a problem with
muLinux to subscribe the list, can we ?
It might be nice, just to accept that somebody sometimes really cannot
effort the time to read our other posts here and so he decides to take
the risk of Solution #2.

Perhaps you want to see it this way: if even I (being a somewhat
egocentric person) was able to learn the different aspects of that
problem so YOU should also be able to come to an agreement without
trying to tell others what they have to do...



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