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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 05:38:24 CEST

> On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 01:58:05PM +0200, Kochenburger Andreas wrote:
> > Briefly spoken:
> > Where is it?
> > What about GPL license. Is mulinux a toy or can one rely on its future?
> > Should I switch over to PicoBSD?
> > Andreas
> >
> >

There is only one way to answer that. Those of you that have been
following the list may know that I am currently installing a 300
terminal Windoze network. All the client side was completed tonight so
just to annoy the system admin guy I configured the server as a dumb
hard disk controller linked to my 386 laptop via an ethernet port,
ethernet port to the network. Booted up muLinux on my laptop,
configured the
samba, httpd, mail, diald, and IP masquerading stuff.

End result :-

Full in house web publishing
Dial on demand internet access with IP masquerading and firewall
Windoze file serving
Full mail facilities (internal and external dial on demand)

Started the new VNC server addon and just as Michele said, I could run
any X-Windows stuff from any NT4 workstation.
Must get that weird keymapping sorted though!
Start the VNC-viewer and I could run NT4 apps on any workstation from my

So if thats a toy then I could carry on like this all night !

Pico-BSD? ?? Still lying in the primordial soup of almost made it's(that
will upset someone)

If Michele ever gets fed up with it all, I for one would gladly take
over development and improvement of muLinux and I am sure that there are
others who subscribe to the list who feel the same. MuLinux is here to
stay one way or another.

So come on use the best and ditch the rest!


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