[mu SETUP] installation problems [ english ]

From: Wirasinghe,Marco (Marco.Wirasinghe@Airliquide.com)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 16:48:38 CEST

Hi there.
Firstly, i'd like to say that all over you involved in this project have
done a great job. It looks quite fabulous about the capabilities in Linux,
and the amount of core still remaining in muLinux is phenomenal.

Now, as to the problem I am having.

Curent configuartion:
PMMX system, with a 3c509B (and I also tried a different 3c509TP).
I'm doing all the work, loading the main package, and also the GCC package
from the floppy. I've done the whole setup
according to the defaults provided in the installation. The only problem
comes when i reach the ethernet setup option.
I specified the 3c509 option, and for the address I put in are the addresses
given to me by running 3Com's utility information.
The exact line i typed in for the 3c509B, and the 3c509TP, respectively,

io=0x210 irq=9

io=0x300 irq=11

it accepted the lines, but on the following line afterwards came the

Symbol "io" not found

when i checked the dev directory one the system was up, i didn't see any
ethX devices, nor when i pinged anything did it work.
Do you have any idea how to fix this error ? Assistance would be GREATLY
Oh, I did specify a dummy network, and that worked fine. The Symbol "io" not
found seemed to be the critical error.

Marco Wirasinghe

PS. Has anyone else seen this message ?

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