FW: [mu SETUP] installation problems [ english ]

From: Wirasinghe,Marco (Marco.Wirasinghe@Airliquide.com)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 18:39:21 CEST

ISSUE: 3c509 Configuration

Hi there everyone. I just tested out the 3c509 configuration with "" for the
io & irq question during installation - and IT WORKED ! I got an address
from a DHCP server. Great going everyone ! I appreciate all the help in
this. Special thanx to all those who helped on the issue - espicaially:

(in no particular order - <grin>)

Gordon Doherty.

Thank you for this help in getting the eth device up and running. What's
funny is i ran into another problem. I selected the dhcpd option, but i
didn't get a place to specify my hostname (except in the dummy network area,
but this didn't work). Any ideas on how to configure that information with
anything ? (config file somewhere to specify a hostname ?)


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