[security advisory?] netcat + mulinux oddities

From: Jeremy (jeremy@mail.visi.com)
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 06:50:45 CEST

>From Jose Nazario:

hi guys,
i'm not on the mulinux list, but it's a pretty fscking impressive work of
art. rock on!
in helping jeremy get his masq set up with ipfwadm, i noticed some pretty
wierd stuff with netcat, the default networking tool (aside from playing
in /proc). netcat, at least with our termcap etc., does some pretty fscked
up stuff with storing stuff to the shell's history file and doing crazy things
like echoing passwords in plain text.
basically, if i am on a mulinux system and use "telnet" (actually netcat
pointed at port 23 of the target host) it saves my password, and entire
session, to my mulinux box's shell history file. it looks like this:
mulinux# telnet example-machine
login: luser
password: password (yeah, it's echo'd)
$ while true
> do
> some_funky_music
> done
$ ^D
mulinux# history
1000 telnet example-machine
1001 luser
1002 password
1003 while true; do; some_funky_music; done
1004 exit
1005 history
in a nutshell, netcat seems pretty foobar'd, at least in this setup (no, i
don't know how generalized this is to mulinux or to netcat, i'm away from
the flock to test this more). can anyone confirm? is this a problem with this
particular setup (ie termcap, key bindning, etc...), mulinux/nc, or netcat
in general?
if so... i figured that hobbit (netcat's author) would have seen this and fixed
it! (for the so inclined, ftp over to avian.org for nc version 1.1.0.)
jose nazario jose@biochemistry.cwru.edu

"Do you expect me to talk?"
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