Re: [setup] installation under 2 mo

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 02:15:51 CEST

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 09:04:36PM +0200, Kenan Trevien wrote:
> Hello !
> I desasperatly try too install µLinux on my old goupil which has only 2 mo RAM, 20 mhz.
> First case : I use the root disk I made on my Pentium and it stops few times after this message : " this is too slow, pscp driver disable ".
> Second case : I try " install " from the HD and It stops after the Kernel loading .
> Has anabody got a solution. This case seemed to be studies in the manual using a swap file, but I didn't know how.
> Should I use small Linux instead of µlinux ?

It sounds like a paradox, but a floppy Linux heat more RAM, compared to
standard Linux distro: 1) because (you guess it) install itself in RAM
2) because it uses intensively scripts, who take more memory, compared
to binaries.

The muLinux work-around is to check the RAM at the boot and start the cloning
without delay (after swap setup). Do you never reached the green menu
with "Welcome dos user, your machine is an expensive machine ,,," ?

If no, kernel can't boot on your machine.


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