Re: muLinux and Beyond.

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 02:25:24 CEST

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 08:21:37PM +0100, Oli Norwell wrote:
> Hello all,
> Recently I downloaded and succesfully installed muLinux. I was very
> impressed by how easily it installed and with a bit of fiddling about I have
> now got X-Windows working. I am new to Linux and am impressed with it, I
> have used the "Clone" command on my PC and now have a copy of muLinux on my
> HD. I have set it up with 64mb swap file.

64? Liberal man :)

> But what I want to do now is to somehow use X-Windows in 256 or more colours
> and at a higher resolution (800x600). Id also like to be able to install
> some of the programs that I have downloaded from But these
> are all source distributions and I don't have GCC to compile them with. I
> don't want to re-partition my harddisk to install a new fuller Linux and are
> happy with muLinux, is there anyway I can do all this with muLinux.

The Linux X server is a very old: satisfy you!
No, you cannot put foreign binaries on muLinux without pains.
But if you can find on internet old binaries using (Debian 1.3.1,
RedHat 4.2, etc ..) they works happyly.

Your request is so frequent in this list, mon ami!
The last night I dreamed to buy a cd-writer and start to distribute
around the world copy of my gloriousus Debian 1.3 CD (the best Debian
distro, in my opinion). Un incubo, veramente ...


I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't 
remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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