Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v7.0 is out

From: Vieira Netto (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 17:31:28 CET

Hello World of MuLinux!
Hello Michele!

I´m testing MuLinux v7. And It Works!

It solved my problem on telneting and Httping MuLinux.
IE40 cant see http, but Netscape can.

Look what I did. I´m using a 486DX266 with a CGA video Board and I´m
running X.
After boot I turn off monitor and using a telnet I run startx, vnc start.
Then I can see X with vncviewer.

I think grep was not included in this version. Try.

I´m trying to include some pgms from Trinux on MuLinux. My God, it´s
impossible, for me. The tar version included here is very very simple.
I´m learning tar, but this one, I dont know if help screem doen´t match
with pgm, or I know, I´m not a good Linuxer. Till now, no tarring is
possible in my box. I know the problem is between the chair and the
keyboard, but, anyone try to help me.

Suggestion: Your tar is 33kb and GNU tar is 100 k, I dont know if you have
room for this, but what you say.
Thanks Michele for new version.

tchau from Brazil,

Um abraço,

Vieira - - Linux User 100.600

Microsoft? Marca nova de papel Higiênico? (MuLinux)

At 15:24 07/11/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm uploading v7.0 on Aalborg University,
>News (via EXT addon):
> multiuser, PCMCIA, network improvement, shutdown improvement,
> lilo binary, passwd, in.telnetd, in.ftpd, fast boot facility,
> a new doc in espagnol, and little more.
>You don't have to donwloand DOSTOOLS; this archive is smart enough
>to work with any new release.
>Only the main archive (mulinux-v7r0.tgz) and the addon (EXT.tgz) are
>Ciao from Italy,
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> Would two negative ones do?" -- Woody Allen
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Um abraço,

Vieira - - Linux User 100.600

Microsoft? Marca nova de papel Higiênico? (MuLinux)

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