Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v7.0 is out -> about tar

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 18:57:36 CET

Vieira Netto schrieb:
> Hello World of MuLinux!
> Hello Michele!
> Im testing MuLinux v7. And It Works!
> ....
> Till now, no tarring is
> possible in my box. I know the problem is between the chair and the
> keyboard, but, anyone try to help me.

tar is a very old command, there are version with hundreds of options.
tar typically supports this:

tar option archiv [file1 file2 ... file]

where option is one of this (AND OPTIONS HAVE NO LEADING - !!!):

f achive is a file AND NOT A TAPE!!!
c create a new archiv (use cf)
t table of contence of an existing archiv (use tf)
x extract an archiv (use xf)
v verbose (use with c or x, e.g.: cvf or xvf)

Example to view a achive-table
tar tf archive

Example to "install" a whole archiv (use eXtract from File, optional v)
tar xvf archive

(typically in the current dir, only root can install to an absolute

To install only some files from an archiv:
tar xvf archive filealfa filebeta dirgamma/filedelta

Example to create an archive (perhaps for testing tar)
tar cvf garbage.tar trashdir muelldir anotherfile
(because the v option the screen shows all files, which are put into
archive garbage.tar. Now use t to view and x to extract. Hint, make new
dir to extract.)

and so on.

NOTES: tar-archivs typically have a .tar suffix. zipped tar-archives
have a .tgz or .tar.gz suffix (you must use gunzip) and some mulinux
archivs are bzipped and have also a .tgz suffix!!! Why? This avoids
confusing some browsers!!! This is a feature not a bug!!! But I see I
talk to much.

Bye, Gerhard

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