Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v7.0 is out

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 21:09:35 CET

On Tue, Nov 09, 1999 at 02:31:28PM -0200, Vieira Netto nicely wrote:
> Hello World of MuLinux!
> Hello Michele!
> Im testing MuLinux v7. And It Works!

Good news. I'm waiting for comment about PCMCIA, also.

> It solved my problem on telneting and Httping MuLinux.
> IE40 cant see http, but Netscape can.
> Look what I did. Im using a 486DX266 with a CGA video Board and Im
> running X.
> After boot I turn off monitor and using a telnet I run startx, vnc start.
> Then I can see X with vncviewer.

Please, be more clear: you telnet from another Linux? where X run,
on muLinux?

> I think grep was not included in this version. Try.

This grep is rustic: it work only stdin/stdout, in pipe.

> Im trying to include some pgms from Trinux on MuLinux. My God, its
> impossible, for me. The tar version included here is very very simple.

This is "pax", not "tar". It has no gzip built-in. You must Use pipe:

        gzip -dc archiv.tgz | tar -xf -
I explained that in help/tips.

> Im learning tar, but this one, I dont know if help screem doent match
> with pgm, or I know, Im not a good Linuxer. Till now, no tarring is
> possible in my box. I know the problem is between the chair and the
> keyboard, but, anyone try to help me.
> Suggestion: Your tar is 33kb and GNU tar is 100 k, I dont know if you have
> room for this, but what you say.

If I start replacing binaries, I will finish with a full Mandrake 6.1
installation :-)


"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember any.
 Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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