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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 13:13:14 CET

On 26.11.99, 12:44:35, Kochenburger Andreas wrote:

> With all due respect, Bruce said a lot of good things about
> mulinux. And I would prefer a better English, too.

So feel free to point out the erroneous spellings and other
parts of the text not looking optimal.
I dont't mind them but if you 'would prefer' it to be better
you know how to reach that goal...

> Michele, please don't go into a defense position but take
> it as a feedback from an else satisfied user, asking for
> improvement.

I am not Michele but I did understand Bruce's posting not
the way you do: he is _not_ asking for improvement.
He just complains about the bad english but doesn't tell his
opinion to Michele (but to the uk.. newsgroup) nor does he
offer his help (being a native-speaker).

I just think was behavior is not very nice.
(No tragedy but also not nice.)

> I know from our international business how important

Michele is _not_ running an international business!

> it is to provide a good user interface _WITH_ attractiveness,
> sometimes psychological. And we want mulinux not just to
> _BE_ but to _INTERACT_ in a professional not hobbyistic
> way, don't we?

Sorry about not being able to understand you! :-(

Who is 'we'?
(Andreas and his wife? Siemens? The whole world?)

I cannot speak for 'us', I can only tell you my own private
point of view: I like muLinux and I have no problem with it
containing several english spelling errors.

If _you_ want muLinux to be better why wait for an hypothetical
native-speaker going to improve it?

You see things not being correct?
Just tell Michele what to change!

(Just my 0.2 euro.)

Best greetings,

Karl-Heinz -posting privately-

I just can't stand people sitting there and crying:
  ''Things are so bad, we need somebody to improve them!''
Either contribute by providing a (partial) solution or forget it!
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