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From: Kochenburger Andreas (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 17:25:03 CET

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Von: Rik Hughes []
Gesendet am: Freitag, 26. November 1999 16:56
Betreff: Re: [ Small Linux (was Re: Linux on 286)]

Since when did English come from America! As a colonnial Englishman I have
to object, but more importantly as a Welshman, I have to object to the
'American Culture' only speaking English, like the Welsh only speak Welsh

Rik, please forgive me for being unprecise. I also did not want to offend
any good and brave US citizen neither (never forgetting the Welsh). I should
said 'being overfed with neocapitalism and Americanisms invading other
or like that, meaning that this can make non-English speakers become
fed up
with Shakespeare's language, unfortunately. (A good starter for a flame war,
no? :-)

And thank you for your offer!


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