muLinux for a Xterminal

From: Paul Falbe (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 17:04:08 CET


I stumbled onto MuLinux last week in search for a small Linux kernel.
What I am trying to do is build a Xterminal or a NetPC if you like that term
better. What I want to do is buy a ASUS Mes-N motherboard which has 2 meg
flash card in which you can load an OS on for virus checkers and such. What
I want to do is put MuLinux on this flash card. Then after boot go across
the network to get it's Xserver, window manager, and etc... Is MuLinux
a go fit for this? Any suggestions would be welcome. I want to build one
of these for my home to be able to have access to my home network in any room.
And if it works I want to build some for my work. We currently use NCD
Xterminals but they are starting to more heavily into WinCE and NT Terminal
Server which I don't like. So, if I can build a cheap enough Linux box
which can't be tinkered with by the casual user so much the better.

Thanks in Advance!


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