[mu setup]

From: David LeBlanc (dleblanc@uswest.net)
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 05:20:22 CET

I have just downloaded and done a basic install of muLinux 7r3b and X-11.
This installation is on an NEC Ready 120LT laptop with a Cyrix MediaGX cpu
(200MHZ), 64mb ram, 4gb disk, 640x480 16bit color LCD ("Neomagic MagicGraph
128ZV+" display controller), PS/2 "eraser mouse", external floppy & CD. I
was able to create both a dual floppy (muLinux/X-11) setup and also a umsdos
install with muLinux, ext and X-11. Alas, Tcl would not install, seemingly
due to a corrupt tgz file.

My current problems are that neither my modem (internal 56K data/fax modem
on COM 3), or my PCMCIA ethernet adaptor (Linksys EC2T) are
recognized/working. I told the installer that the modem was on port 3, and
it might have installed, but i'm not sure. As for the ethernet card, I tried
both eth0 and eth1. eth0 gave me a long list of "waiting for device"
messages and then failed. eth1 blew up more spectacularly and then after
many "waiting for device" messages, it too failed. This ethernet pcmcia card
is supposed to be NE2000 compatible. I do get a message that cardmgr is
already running if I try to re-setup net.

I would also like to know how/if it's possible to get a better X-11 driver
that does more then 4bit VGA - 8bit or 16bit VGA would be really nice! I
don't have access to another Linux box right now, so it will have to be via
some download (if I can get internet working) or something. Any suggestions?


Dave LeBlanc

"Sleepless in Seattle with WTO madness!"

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