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Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 13:11:48 CET

Hello World od MuLinux!

Hello Dave!

David LeBlanc escreveu:
> Hi;
> I have just downloaded and done a basic install of muLinux 7r3b and X-11.

To recognize your devices you must download New EXT.tgz.

> This installation is on an NEC Ready 120LT laptop with a Cyrix MediaGX cpu
> (200MHZ), 64mb ram, 4gb disk, 640x480 16bit color LCD ("Neomagic MagicGraph
> 128ZV+" display controller), PS/2 "eraser mouse", external floppy & CD. I
> was able to create both a dual floppy (muLinux/X-11) setup and also a umsdos
> install with muLinux, ext and X-11. Alas, Tcl would not install, seemingly
> due to a corrupt tgz file.
> My current problems are that neither my modem (internal 56K data/fax modem
> on COM 3), or my PCMCIA ethernet adaptor (Linksys EC2T) are

Is your modem a Winmodem??? If so, forget. for awhile.

> recognized/working. I told the installer that the modem was on port 3, and
> it might have installed, but i'm not sure. As for the ethernet card, I tried
> both eth0 and eth1. eth0 gave me a long list of "waiting for device"
> messages and then failed. eth1 blew up more spectacularly and then after
> many "waiting for device" messages, it too failed. This ethernet pcmcia card
> is supposed to be NE2000 compatible. I do get a message that cardmgr is
> already running if I try to re-setup net.
> I would also like to know how/if it's possible to get a better X-11 driver
> that does more then 4bit VGA - 8bit or 16bit VGA would be really nice! I
> don't have access to another Linux box right now, so it will have to be via
> some download (if I can get internet working) or something. Any suggestions?
> Sincerely,
> Dave LeBlanc
> "Sleepless in Seattle with WTO madness!"
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Ciao from Brazil,
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