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Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 00:35:33 CET

Europanto, that's the lingua franca now. I'd like to see more of it in
mulinux. The place to start on the web is:

Also see Diego Marani's grammaire of l'Europanto. M. Marani was the
"traducteur au Secrétariat général du Conseil des Ministres de l'Union
Européenne à Bruxelles, a mis au point une nouvelle langue qui va sans
doute un jour permettre à tous les Européens de communiquer entre eux
sans problèmes... Il a commencé par écrire une série d'articles à
caractère humoristique qui ont paru et paraissent toujours dans le
journal Le Soir Illustré(commentaire). Mais d'autres sont entrés dans
l'histoire de l'Europanto? depuis, et vous pouvez maintenant le
découvrir ici même sur le TAM. Amusez-vous bien !!!!"

Look-ez usted at his 'Grammaire' de l'Europanto:

No longer fractured English! Now we have Europanto. Viva Europanto.
May it become the official langue of mulinux, the lingua mulinuxiensis
muy officialisimo por todos of us all.

--Rgdz, TT
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> On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 02:39:11PM +0100, Kochenburger Andreas nicely
> > Our little language discussion reminds me of Clockwork Orange.
> > Recommended reading! There is also a movie (by Cubrick?) which
> > is "not too bad".
> You means "Arancia meccanica?". This is a *cult* Kubrick movie!
> Yes, the language in this book is very, very original: I read it in
> italian, but I was able to understand the slang feature.
> I'm sure, my fractured english may seems strictly similar to him.
When I first saw this movie I didn't understand the slang. Then years
later in college I saw it again and recognized all the phrases from my
semester of Russian. Ah, Russian, harsh, yet melodic, and as hard to
your tongue and lips around as Klingon. By the way, Klingon was
to be hard to speak. They never thought someone would want to learn
:-) The fractured English and Italian is much easier to understand
My $.02
Y2K Flunky

> > I don't think that mulinux would lose its Italian charm just by
> > polishing up its English. It's just that IMHO the 'lingua franca'
> > should be formally correct to enable everybody - say a Chinese who
> > doesn't know nor Italians nor spoken living English - to begin
> > with mulinux without difficulties and without suspecting it to be
> > a computer playground for mafiosi kids.
> When project started, there was only another possibility: a pure
> italian distribution. At the beginning (KHZ remember well) the
> muLinux mailing-list was only italian speaking. After a very long
> and exhausting thread on the list, we decided to remove italian
> from the list. As residual effect, we removed also Italians from
> the list, btw ...
> Michele

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