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Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 01:31:25 CET

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:28:37 +0000, Alfred Breull wrote:

}Unfortunately, I neither know what it means nor what I could do to
}prevent or change it :(
}As an add-on:
}During instalation, option [1] says installation to floppy, option [2]
}installation to the HD. Option [1] breaks off with the error message
}'VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:3c', while option [2] _succeeds_
}to install mulinux to the HD.
}Installing mulinux to the HD is continued by the part where you need
}to set a lot of parameters ... which I don't know and where I
}discontinue, because the tutorials (that I found so far) explain the
}follow-up of the floppy. While, if I don't set parameters, i.e. in
}the /usr/bin part, mulinux breaks off with a segmentation error.

The information I have which seems to relate to this is in Welsh's shorter
book "Linux Installation and Getting Started", section 2.3.1

"To force hardware detection, you must enter the appropriate parameters at
the boot prompt, using the following syntax:

ramdisk <parameters.....>

There are a number of such parameters available; here are some of the most

hd=<cylinders>, <head>, <sectors>

Specify the hard drive geometry. Required for systems such as the IBM
PS/1, ValuePoint and Thinkpad. For example, if your drive has 683
cylinders, 16 heads and 32 sectors per track, enter

ramdisk hd=683,16,32

[Your geometry is probably available on the IBM site under technical specs
for your drive.]

[The SCSI and CD ROM How-Tos explain more about hardware compatibility.
They may not refer to your hardware specifically, but might serve as good

}As far as I understood, mulinux is a great little system which is
}set up to communicate with the world and, additionally, enables a lot
}of other fascinating things. Of these I'd like to run f2c and gcc
}(for fortran programming), a text editor and export (i.e. with the
}'midnight commander') the results into something familiar like
}'word' or such ...
}Which leads to another problem: my Thinkpad's ESC key doesn't work
}in mulinux's vi ( keyboard). Is there anything I could do about ?

I suggest checking the Linux docs and FTP sites for keymaps for the
Thinkpad. If they exist, they should solve this problem. You would select
the keymap during install, or I assume there's a way to add it into a
running system.

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