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From: Bob Goodwin (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 21:13:40 CEST

OK, once again I have muLinux installed and it seems to be
working from the console. This time 8r.b.2 instead of the earlier
one obtained from the US site. Apparently DOS had a problem with
smartdrv.exe, I redid that and then was able to install muLinux
and clone it to hda1.

I still can't run the GUI. Startx produces a blue screen and a
vertical line for a cursor when the mouse is moved.

Once again this is an old '486 66mHz with 8 megs of RAM and a 202
meg HD. I used the UMSDOS option and a 16 meg Swap file. The
mouse is an ordinary serial mouse on ttyS0 for which I selected
Microsoft in the setup.

The video card which is probably where the problem is, a Diamond
Viper VLB with the Weitec P9000 chip, 2 megs video memory.

I will wait for suggestions before trying to mess with the
configuration file.

Any ideas appreciated ...

Bob Goodwin Durant, Florida

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