R: mulinux help needed

From: Andrea Boriani (andrea@logical.it)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 18:01:33 CEST

I tried to build the installation disks on another machine and I succeeded.
Now I have Boot/Root disk, ext disk and X11 disk.
The trouble is that when I put the Boot/Root disk in the laptop (Ps/2
L40sx) everything goes right until I'm prompted with the question of wether
or not setup the swap partition. The console seems to be dead :-(


Andrea Boriani, software engineer
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Da: Andrea Boriani <andrea@logical.it>
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Oggetto: R: mulinux help needed

> My computer has 6 Mb of ram.
> I have win 3.11 installed, dos 6.1.
> The disk is compressed with doublespace and all the files of mulinux are
> the
> uncompressed drive H.
> Whe I boot the installer everything seems fine.
> The hd is found as hda1
> a compressed image is found in RAMDISK 0
> the processor is recognized (386sx without math co-processor)
> then I'm prompted with the Welcome screen and given the three choices
> the last line shows
> Your choice (1/2/2) [1]? _
> the cursor is flashing but if I press 1,2,3, enter or anything else
> happens.
> Any help is greatly appreciated
> btw, PS/2 Model L40sx is a special choice during the installation of win
> 3.11 I think for something about the floppy drive...

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