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Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 18:10:44 CEST

On Thu, 4 May 2000 09:59:55 +0200, Stefanie A. Pagel wrote:

}Hi folks!


}Why is it, that most of the people here are italian ?

They're not. Our host is though.

}muLinux ist great software and should be used all over the world!

Yes, it should. We're working on that. I'm hoping to write the "For
Dummies" installation instructions.

}What does muLinux mean ?
}[m]ultiple [u]ser linux ?

Mu is the Greek letter that traditionally stands for "micro", which
officially means one millionth, but in general means "very small". A
30 MB MSDOS directory containing the system and all available add-ons
is very small. Booting and running from a single floppy if necessary
is very smaller.

It wasn't too long ago that mu in that context was a very popular part
of the name of many (micro)computer companies. This is where/when
Microsoft took their name.

Well, maybe it WAS a long time ago. Microsoft got started selling
mostly compilers for the Apple II, which is now old enough to drink
alcohol in the US (21+ years).

One might *think* drinking were an important facet of the early
computer makers, since the big meeting where many of them met
regularly was the "Homebrew" computer club at Stanford Linear
Accelerator Center. Most members went on to form computer companies,
though some are gone now.

Bill gates was one of them, but of course he's not gone. He was,
however, too young to drink alcohol in the US when he started selling
his first product at these meetings, a BASIC on paper tape.

At that time, the few computers available had very little RAM, so the
program had to be very small. The oft misattributed "Who would ever
need more than 640K" was actually 64K, and it was Steve Jobs, not
Bill Gates.

Steve, of course, was one of The Two Steves that started Apple. To
fund the young company, one of the things they sold for capital was a
Volkwagon MICRObus, which was never called a MuBus, but was still very

I am NOT James Burke, and this has been MuLinux Connections.

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