Re: [mu COMERCIAL] What is happening in Hong Kong?

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:06:47 CEST

On 10 Jul 2000, at 15:35, Karl-Heinz Zimmer <> wrote:

> Perhaps it would be a nice idea to ask both Network Solutions
> and Mr. MA, PHILIP in Hong Kong if it might be that they are
> trying to get away with this?

I just took a look at "" and it said "under
construction", with no data about what '' might or might not refer
to. Assuming this is all there is to see, it's possible that Rahul Joshi got
the name confused with the subject of this mailing list.

There didn't seem to be any visible evidence of wrongdoing. It's possible that
Mr. Philip Ma came up with the title on his own, without any knowledge of the
Italian mu, and his 'mulinux' might represent a completely different product or
service. 'mu' is after all an interesting oriental word, and prepending it to
'Linux' might have seemed like a good name for all sorts of Linux businesses.

It's even possible, (but unlikely), that '' could be a commercial
support site for our muLinux, just as ordinary Linux has inspired many
commercial sites with Linux in the name.

At the very least, Rahul Joshi seems to have gotten a name mixed up, and if
this name does not turn out to be some nefarious scheme, it's at least an
interesting coincidence.

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