Re: [mu TECH] 'counter' a scripting util... / fitting names

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 22:26:46 CEST

On 19 Sep 2000, at 10:53, Gerhard Thimm <> wrote:

> Ok, there are such a lot of scripts and programs in the unix world, that
> finding a new name is more difficult than writing the script/program. A
> python-buildin-function like yours is called "range". I had the idea to
> write such a thing one day for shell-scripts but never had the time.
> THANK YOU for that great software, which is much more than my poor idea.

And thanks for the kind words, Gerhard. The exact same 'wanted to write, but
never got around to it' thing also surprised me when M. Angel wrote that neat
sound card configuration script. It was sort of like the story of the
shoemaker and the elves.

(Though it should be added that 'counter' may not do as many tricks as the
original 'jot'; it is uncertain, as I don't have the book that describes it,
and have forgotten many of its functions.)

'Range' is not a bad name, better than 'jot'. Looking the word 'range' up in
an a big Webster's dictionary shows it is related to 'rank', which is derived
from the Teutonic 'hring', which means 'circle'. While ranks of soldiers are
always straight lines, the circular origin gives a twinge of doubt. On the
other hand, it's also doubtful if 'counter' is especially better, and is two
letters longer besides. It's a little hard to decide yet!

And another (untested) trick, listing ASCII codes:

        # counter 65 71 1 "" "" "%c"
        A B C D E F G

        # counter 65 71 1 "" "" "%i=%c"
        65=A 66=B 67=C 68=D 69=E 70=F 71=G

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