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Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 21:16:42 CET

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> Richard wrote:
> > I am going to have to get windows9x on it as well to be compatible with
> > the rest of the world.
> Hi. I don't think that is neccessary any more. If I understand you
> correctly, you are saving up for a state of the art computer. That
> provided, a modern big Linux gives you a better desktop (be it Gnome or
> KDE) than Windows, and Star Office (which is cheaper than WinWord and free
> for non-comercial users, if I remember correctly) gives you compatibility
> with WinWord. And a few other things, I believe.
> It may be swutting slow on my computer, but on what's in the shops now it
> will be fine.
    I wasn't sure if it was compatible or not, and with a sort of umsdos I
would presumably still be able to read windows floppies/cd-roms. If not
actually run the executables.
    All right, I am fully converted now. Even so, I will still keep DOS - I
do have plenty of good dos software, for my amateur radio hobby.

> > I have found that win3.11 is faster than mulinux, so I would prefer to
> Yes, it is quick, as far as it goes. But it got on my nerves that it
> doesn't do multitasking. It can keep track of more than one program, but
> it only runs one of them at any given time.
I can quite happilly play solitaire on mine, while cool-edit is
loading/working on a wave file in the background. Or is that just because I
am running it in enhanced mode?

Richard Kirkcaldy
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