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Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 21:19:16 CET

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> >I have found that win3.11 is faster than mulinux, so I would prefer to
> >that if possible. But I don't know that win3.11 is as good at
> >and it certainly isn't as good at security.
> I don't think it is. I actually don't think any Windows could even be
> to any Linux system regarding networking, stability and/or security.
> Security is not a big concern for those systems, since they are thoughts
> just as "terminals" for users; but stability and ease of maintenance is an
> important one... that's way I would like to go with Linux.
Well I have had xwindows just stop at times when resource usage got too
high, not often though. It does happen more often in win3.11

Richard Kirkcaldy
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