An ambitious idea

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 19:12:42 CET


It's the time to improve the the 'client side' in muLinux.
It is better to split the basic functions in muLinux in two
parts: server and workstation.

Maybe, it is concenptually inelegant, because it is difficult to
decide if a such component belongs 'server' or 'workstation' concept,
in the same way as some part of Thermodynamics are hardly
classified as Physics or Chemistry, but in muLinux it isn't
an accademic question, because I have to decide the addon where
to put the component. So, no laughing here, please.

So, my idea is the following: I will split the EXT addon in two
addons: SRV (server) and WKS (workstation), but names are next
to meaningless. Basically, the actual EXT will become the SRV
(mounted in /usr/srv; /usr/local becomes a symlink to it). I will
move lynx, ftp, telnet, ssh in the workstartion part: WKS.

I also move the multi-media tools (like cdrecord, say, and other
that will be added) in the WKS.

Next, I will add (this is the good new):

        1) SMAIL, the Mail Trasport Agent (i.e. a true sendmail).
          I have a good libc5 smail and used it in the past.
        2) MUTT, the most popular Mail User Agent in Linux
        3) SLRN, one of the better News Reader in Linux

I've the libc5 programs in my hands, currently.
My MUTT comes with POP3 support, so it can fetch emails. This
version support PGP!
I like EXIM as Mail Transport Agent, ma recent release won't
compile in libc5, because it use new regexp libraries. This
version of SMAIL support smart-hosts.

In this scenario, SRV will mantains Samba, Httpd, Ftpd and other
popular daemons and WKS will acquires music, internet clients,
cd-burning tools, etc. The EXT addon, recycled and defunct,
will disappear at all.

The old functionalities, historycal, fake and romantic functionalies,
also-known-as "rustic", still remains in the BASE floppy disk,
as *memento* about human presumption, but they are shut-down automatically
when other addons are loaded.

So, first of starts the big task, I like to hear some comments
and/or proposals from You, the user.


P.S: anycase, the "Avogadro Number" belongs Physics of Chemistry?
Ah, saperlo!

"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember any.
Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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