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From: Massimo (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 00:25:58 CET

Michele Andreoli wrote:
> ...
> So, my idea is the following: I will split the EXT addon
> in two addons: SRV (server) and WKS (workstation),...

I don't know. Do what you think is better for muLinux.
Anyway, I'd like to tell you the following stuff.

Recently I've been engaged to teach in a course about
operating systems, among which UNIX. The course began under
a big, invasive Micro$oft flag (quickly disappeared), and
in a falsely Hi-Tech environment, i.e. an NT Lan.

Some telnet connections to a serious machine (i.e. UNIX)
should have worked, but they didn't.

So, quite soon the only UNIX machine was my old laptop,
perfectly running muLinux version 10r5, and a projector
helped me in demos and exercises (included a demo of
multitasking capability with a simple shell program).

No one had ever listen about Linux, and the relaxing
muLinux feature of being installed in RAM was particularly
appreciated. Very soon people began to ask info about
muLinux Home Page and about a true installation of Linux.


Well, making floppies still remains a problem for people
who don't realize if they are in a DOS shell or not
and, generally speaking, for unexperienced folk
(yes, I know: there are good README files, but people tend
not to read them, and anyway not to *understand* them.
Perhaps we should call them UNDERSTANDME files...)

Solution: today PC have always a CD drive, and can
CD-reboot. I feel people (at least my guys) would have
liked very much ALSO (not: _only_) to be able to BUILD
a single CD with BASE+ADDONS+setup_tool aboard, for
RAM or true ext2 installations.

Is it impossible to conceive such a possibility? You
talked about CD-burning tools. Good. I'd like, after
having downloaded anything in a /some/dir (or perhaps
\some\dir), to find a CD-burning batch that can make
the >>muLinux CD<<.

On the other hand, we have so many floppies nowadays...


> P.S: anycase, the "Avogadro Number" belongs Physics of Chemistry?
> Ah, saperlo!

Physics, of course. ANYTHING belongs to Physics, by default.

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