Re: Digital signature in muLinux - tests wanted

From: Angoli Giovanni (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 18:17:43 CET

Hello Michele, sorry for the ugly reply but i'forced to use
Exchange via web.. :(

As far as i know mutt comes in two flavours: US version (without
support for PGP or Gnugp) and International version with full
PGP and Gnpupg support.
According do mutt help int this version there are almost all
the macros you're reimplementing... i didn't checked on my Debian
system but i think that mutt international will be in a NonUS
I know that you love to reimplement things in rustic (and romantic)
way, and i like that approach.. but i think that reimplementing
this kind of stuff is not worth the efforts.

Talking about PGP, why not using the GNU alternative Gnupg? it
works exactly like PGP and is able to use/import keys from PGP.
It's just a suggestion :)

The last thing i have to say is that i'm a newbie teacher of
computer science in a local high school <italian> sono un supplente
di informatica in un istituto tecnico per ragionieri, corso
programmatori Mercurio </italian> and i will teach Linux at the
fifth class using Mulinux :) because in the lab we only have
Windows 95 machines and Mu is perfect thanks to his ability to be
inobtrusive :))

Thanks! :)
Good bye

L.U.G. Crema member
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From: Michele Andreoli
Sent: 11/6/00 11:08 PM
Subject: Digital signature in muLinux - tests wanted
I'm developing a series of macros for the mutt mailer, able
to handle PGP keys in a simple way.
I developed a menu, accessed with the "k" key, that offers this
	1) create new public/secret keys
	2) remove some keys
	3) mail to someone my public key 
	4) extract the key that some other sent me and
	  add it in my PGP data-base
I do not know what's the state-of-art in this kind of knowledge on
the list (my is very at beginning). But I'm now studing the subject.
I started from
Because my regular Linux system and muLinux will use the same
PGP and MUTT releases, I will do the works once.
I will sent on the list two email: one, encrypted and signed with
my public PGP keys; the next, I sent my public key certificate,
in a separated messages.
In mutt, the 2th is marked with "K", because it use a special MIME
for send public-keys on Internet; the 1th, is marked "P", because
it is encrypted with PGP.
So, if someone is able to extract my public-key from the 2th
message, it is also able to decifrate the 1th message. In this
case, please, resent the 1th message in clear-text on the list. 
When you will have the new Mutt configured for muLinux, you can
do these step simply pressing a key :-)
Hope it works, because I'm still testing. 
"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember
Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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