Re: The faq: now I understand!

From: Marko Djukic (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 23:39:21 CET

i think this would be a good idea.

michele - you want me to hack up the faq and rearrange things a bit?
plus there are a few holes in the faq, it's just a feeling i get that it
deals with some fairly basic concept and some quite tricky concepts but
lacks some middle ground.
anyway, that's my own impression (but then i was really starting to
learn linux from zero...)

in any case, have you got any more material to include?


Eugene TS Wong wrote:
> Now I understand! I looked through the sgml source code and found that
> RH4.2 directory. I didn't realize that the answer to my question was in
> section 2. The problem is that the questions aren't written out fully so I
> don't know where to find the information. Perhaps you should add a search
> engine.
> If it is alright with you, I would like to make a suggestion as to how the
> FAQ should be sorted out. I believe that the FAQ should be divided into
> these categories:
> 1 General, curiosities, tidbits of information
> 2 Installation
> 3 Administration
> 4 Usage
> 5 Development
> 6 Technical
> Section 1 should be the same. It appears to be quite good.
> Section 2 only deals with how to install, cloning, etc.
> Section 3 deals with adding new users and things like that.
> Section 4 deals with using the applications and addons after installation.
> Section 5 can contain all the questions about developing the applications
> and addons, and finding any sources.
> Section 6 can stay the same, but some of the questions should be moved.
> What do you think? Should this be discussed on the list?
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