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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 15:05:23 CET

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 11:33:42AM +0100, Angoli Giovanni nicely wrote:
> Hi Michele,
> Seeing that you've added cdda2wav i got an idea about being able
> to listen CD via the pc speaker (such a nice device!).
> Since cdda2wav extract digital audio and converts it in .wav
> will it be possible to pipe the output to /dev/audio and allow
> people without sound card to listen cd?
> It would be a nice feature IMHO :)

Yes. I managed in the past to use cdda2wav in this way: to listen
CD audio track on the pc-speaker. Also mpg123 is known to works with

We have now in muLinux these importat tools:

                -- sox (convert between various audio format)
                -- cdda2wav ( audio-tracks -> wav)
                -- bladeenc ( .wav -> .mp3)
                -- mkisofs ( directory -> iso9660 )
                -- cdrecord ( iso9660,wav -> CDROM)

I will plan to create a simple script interface to these tools
called mu-combust, or mcombust.
It should be able to make a CD-audio or a CD-data copy, or also
to convert an entire audio CD in a set of mp3 files. I already
used scripts to achieve that, in my regular Linux.
I like to offer similar functions in muLinux.

My only doubt is about not-SCSI cd-writer. They are managed in Linux
using a sort of scsi emulation, if I'm not wrong, using a module
called ide-scsi or something like. Someone on the list know the
subject? What device has to be specified in cdrecord? /dev/scd0?


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