Re: Status report, progress, ...

From: Daniel Liljeqvist (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 19:40:59 CET

> Stop :-) I have now to release the 11r0, or work never finish!
Ok... I'm sorry =8-)
But you don't HAVE TO use every thing i upload...

Do you allready have a POP3-deamon, i could make a packet....
Or a proxy-demon...
Or a cpuload meter, witch uses keyboad leds...

> I also removed bladeenc, in flavor of your wonderfull LAME (smaller
> of course).
> Liljeqvist rime/end like "Niqyist": I remember something like "Niqyist
> in the Control Theory. Maybe Mr. Niqyist was finnish?

Actually Liljeqvist is a sweedish name. As my Dad is "sweedish speeking"
Finn. So my name is sweedish and I speek both languages.

DaNkKaN aka Daniel Liljeqvist

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