Re: To trash the FAQ?

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 13:32:20 CET

Someone a écrit :

> I can almost guarantee that you
> probably won't be able to make good progress with muLinux.

This person never saw mulinux nor the pace of change. Since I begun to use
it, 6 month ago, it has really improved and be transformed. And the progress
made isn't reflected by the FAQ nor the documentation ! For me, the technical
and conceptual challenges in mulinux (yes, there are some !) aren't in a good
doc, but in a cool tiny and safe system, with a lot of functionnality, and
there is so much good progress with that !

> Judging by your
> documentation and difficult-to-use faq, I think that not many people will
> want to use muLinux.

This is quite a purely gratuituous criticism. What are the facts ? One fact
is that more and more people use mulinux. Another fact is that having
everybody on earth use mulinux could be a good thing maybe but is not
mandatory. You are, as always, the only person knowing what is good for
mulinux ! And as far as I have understood, it has been a pedagogical and for
fun system.
Maybe the problem is that some people doesn't describe mulinux and try to use
it as it ? I could be wrong, it could be is a drawback of mu's fame and
evolution. Maybe now some people go to mulinux believing it is a
ready-to-use-for-windows-adapted-people distribution of linux ?
In my opinion, mulinux is very user friendly, but it is also fractured by
design, because everything has to be minimal. Some people may think it is
easy to use, zs it isn't ?

> ... Because English
> appears to not be your first language, it is important that you let
> somebody take care of the English documentation ....

It isn't the first criticism against fracturation...
In my opinion, but it is my own opinion, as english is imposed as
international langage for computer engineering, people should be tolerant to
fracturation, or propose themselve a good traduction !


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