Re: To trash the FAQ?

Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 12:01:07 CET

> =============================================================
> I can almost guarantee that you
> probably won't be able to make good progress with muLinux. Judging by your
> documentation and difficult-to-use faq, I think that not many people will
> want to use muLinux.
> .... Because English
> appears to not be your first language, it is important that you let
> somebody take care of the English documentation ....
> =============================================================

this person should do it by himself if he's thinking that it could be better.
it seems that this person tries to offend you (especially in the first part)
just don't care, but yeah maybe it's a good idea to have a correct english in
the FAQ (someone here?) but to be honest, for me it's fine like this.

> So, muLinux received more appreciation when was without FAQ!

muLinux should get an oscar;)


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