Re: muLinux and XP

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 13:48:04 CET

At 03:24 20.01.02 -0500, Jim Ruxton wrote:
>Since there is no MSDOS resident with XP I had to try from a "Console
>Window" (replacement in XP for what was a DOS window in Win98).

Hm. You don't have XP sitting on a purely fat32 or ntfs partition, by
chance ? Or violate the BIOS's 1024 cyl rule ?

Anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know whether winXP allows booting from
a fat16 partition. If it does, then you could wipe the disk, and
create one primary partition (2 GB) for msdos, mulinux and winXP and
an extended partition with several logical partitions for (local)
programs, data and stuff. Remember to install msdos at first, then XP,
then mulinux. Msdos will be booted thru the NT5 bootloader, mulinux
as usual.

Here's another suggestion, in case winXP doesn't want a fat16 partition
or -- more plausible -- wastes too much space.

You might want to wipe the disk and set up, at least, two _primary_
partitions. The first, a fat16 partition with max 2 GB, is for msdos
and mulinux, the other, either fat32 or ntfs formated, for winXP.
Adiitonally, you might want to create an extended partition with
several non-ntfs logical partitions.

You could use lilo, grub or another bootloader for booting. Or just
set the correspondig partition to 'active' in fdisk.

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