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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 10:25:08 CET

On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 03:24:52AM -0500, Jim Ruxton nicely wrote:
> Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I already tried this and it didn't work.
> Since there is no MSDOS resident with XP I had to try from a "Console
> Window" (replacement in XP for what was a DOS window in Win98). It seemed
> like the installation started working but hung up after a line , something
> like "Loading driver AIC7xxx" ??? I also tried creating a DOS startup
> floppy, booting with it and then inserting the installation disk and trying
> to start it but no go. Anyone else have any thoughts on this . Thanks!

I always get in truoble with this kind of request, because I never can
understand it the user wish to *run* or to *install* muLinux.

Anyway, to install muLinux in the UMSDOS flavor on XP is a problem, I kind.
Doesn't XP use a sort of NTFS filesystem? In this case, installation will
fails, because Linux can access the disk only read-only.

Please, I encourage you in order to be less mechanic and more intuitive:
put a muLinux BASE floppy in this system; try to reach the console and
try to mount the hard-disk with your hand:

                        # mount /dev/hda1 /mnt

If that will fails, you cannot install UMSDOS. You must repartitioning.

But if you can install UMSDOS, in this case you can boot your system even
without DOS, using the muLinux BASE disk (floppy #1) or also the Installation
Disk, blocking the boot: and inserting the string:

                        boot: mulinux root=/dev/hda1 rw

The Installation Disk is different from other muLinux disks: it is a DOS
disckette. If you browse it, you will find a .cfg that can be modified in
the same way.
You can use this modified disk in order to boot via floppy disk, without
modify any master boot sector.


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