Re: muLinux and XP

From: Jim Ruxton (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 19:40:25 CET

Thanks a lot for the info. Alfred. I'll give this some thought. I think next
time I go to the effort of partitioning my drive I want to put a full Linux
distribution on it.
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> At 03:24 20.01.02 -0500, Jim Ruxton wrote:
> >Since there is no MSDOS resident with XP I had to try from a "Console
> >Window" (replacement in XP for what was a DOS window in Win98).
> Hm. You don't have XP sitting on a purely fat32 or ntfs partition, by
> chance ? Or violate the BIOS's 1024 cyl rule ?
> Anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know whether winXP allows booting from
> a fat16 partition. If it does, then you could wipe the disk, and
> create one primary partition (2 GB) for msdos, mulinux and winXP and
> an extended partition with several logical partitions for (local)
> programs, data and stuff. Remember to install msdos at first, then XP,
> then mulinux. Msdos will be booted thru the NT5 bootloader, mulinux
> as usual.
> Here's another suggestion, in case winXP doesn't want a fat16 partition
> or -- more plausible -- wastes too much space.
> You might want to wipe the disk and set up, at least, two _primary_
> partitions. The first, a fat16 partition with max 2 GB, is for msdos
> and mulinux, the other, either fat32 or ntfs formated, for winXP.
> Adiitonally, you might want to create an extended partition with
> several non-ntfs logical partitions.
> You could use lilo, grub or another bootloader for booting. Or just
> set the correspondig partition to 'active' in fdisk.
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