Re: Possible to boot&run Mulinux within 1MB Ram?

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 23:37:18 CEST

On 14 Jul 2002, at 22:21, Uwe Kuehn <> wrote:

> Now a friend of mine wants to revive an old MITAC3030D Laptop
> with 386SX@16MHZ and only 1 MB ram and 20MB hdd to get his
> mail from
> Is it possible to boot & run Mulinux in 1MB ram?

1MB is too small for mu. For 1MB email...

Dos shareware (easy)...
        Net-Tamer is a DOS PPP dial up access program, which requires no TSR packet
        driver. It will web browse, get/send your email, get/send usenet messages, FTP
        upload/download a file, TELNET to another internet address, or check the time
        and date. It is a both robot and a navigator. It will get email and usenet
        groups, then log off so you can use the included offline reader, or you can
        choose to stay on and look around. It will also do a download/ upload of mail
        or usenet on a timer. The program is speech friendly to users of talking
        programs for the visually impaired.

Minix (difficult)...

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