RE: mu TECH Netscape lock / 'man' page prompt

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 18:10:06 CEST

On 15 Jul 2002, at 16:11, <> wrote:

> an old Slakwr version [ of 'man' ] used to indicate at what percentage of
> the file one was currently at; new versions don't.

'man' calls 'less', which sets the prompt. From a newer Slackware try this:

        man -r "\ Manual\ page\ \$MAN_PN\ ?ltline\ %lt?L/%L.:byte\ %bB?s/%s..?\
(END):?pB %pB\\%.." less

(Note that's all supposed to be on one line.)

The prompt should look like:
        Manual page less(1) line 1 'END', then 'HOME', and the prompt should then be something like:

        Manual page less(1) line 3/1914 2%

The 'man' prompt can be set from the $MANOPT environmental variable. I'm not
sure how to get the percent without pressing 'END' & 'HOME' though.


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