RE: mu TECH Netscape lock

Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 16:11:25 CEST

Gordon Golden wrote:
> > All runs great and I can connect to internet no problems,
> > except: when I try
> > to run NS I get "Netscape has detected a /.netscape/lock
> > file.

Kautzmann Gerd wrote:
> Have you eveer tried to delete the lock file ?
> If you kills the netscape process ( or if the process dies )
> the lock file could remain ... if you try to start netscape
> again, it will find the lock file and it will sometimes refuse

Yes, and his next problem may be how to find the 'lockfile'.
I think I used to find it in root ?
Perhaps it is to be found in your 'home' dir ?

> Before killing a process try to get the process ID with the command
> ps -aux
> If you got to many lines and you are only searching for netsacpe, try:
> ps -aux | grep nets
> this will show you the process ID of a running netscape task ... you
> can try to kill this but don't forget to remove the remaining lock file.

ps like find and other unix commands has a mass of acrobatic switches.
When will some one add front-ends to make this garbage useable,
 like mc is ?

BTW can ps or something tell which working-dir a proccess
was called from? Often I've got 2, 3, 4 mc editing/reading files
in the same dir, and I want to cd to this dir for another VT, without loosing
my place in the open file(s), to see which dir it is.

> The good thing about muLINUX: It is small
> The bad thing about muLINUX: It is small

> To keep muLINUX small they have not installed a proper 'help' or 'man'
> command. A full LINUX distribution will have a 'man' ( manual ) command
> that provides a good help for everyone who wants to know more about a
> specified command.

The muLINUX documentation has good utility and educational value.
Standard Linux man is not satisfactory:
   made for paper output,
   the 'page breaks' are most annoying,
   an old Slakwr version used to indicate at what percentage of the file
     one was currently at; new versions don't.

Using mulinux to run the bloated monster netscape is IMO absurd.
Where mulinux shines is when your hd is down or booting via
fd0 is needed for some reason - perhaps to get into a WINbox.

-- Chris Glur.

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