Re: [mu SETUP] modem, telnet, ftp

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 11:56:54 CEST

Rudolf Harney wrote:
> and it didn't work (as I want it to work).

You'll have to explain a bit more about what you want, what you tried
and what happened.

> (1) I want to be able to communicate with my industrial PC via telnet > & ftp via modem and

What sort of connection do you have between the two pcs? Ethernet?
Serial line? Is it important to get from your mulinux machine directly
to the internet, or is it enough to go via the SuSE system?

> (2) the system needs to have internet access, to get a proper system
> time every now & then.

Could it get its time from the SuSE system?

> So I started setting up ppp (i.e. ppp0), because I thought, the system
> wants to have an IP number and all that stuff.

Did you do setup isp, or just setup ppp0? Have you got
/etc/ppp/pap-secrets and /etc/ppp/chap-secrets files? Are they the same
as on your SuSE system?

Stephen Isard

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