Guile-gnome consists of a number of modules. The modules that wrap the GNOME Developer Platform are all distributed as one source package, although if you lack the prerequisites for a given module, it won't be built. Such packages are named like guile-gnome-platform-X.Y.Z, where the numbering of X and Y correspond to the major and minor versions of the GNOME platform.

Modules that are not part of the developer platform are distributed on their own, e.g. guile-gnome-gstreamer, and are numbered to correspond with the API version of the library that they wrap.


Releases are available from our release area on

ancient history

For a while we made releases on; some non-platform packages have yet to be released on and so you might find tarballs there.

Those readers with paleolithic fascinations can also find old releases under the name guile-gobject by digging in our source code archive.