5 November 2006: Move to bzr, bumped g-wrap dependency

guile-gnome has moved to Bazaar as its versioning control system. It's easier for us, and probably easier for you too. See the developer's page for more information on how to build guile-gnome. Also note that we have bumped our dependency on G-Wrap to an as-yet-unreleased version, and removed the dependency on SLIB. Again, the developer's page has all the details.

11 November 2004: Lots of hacking and mailing list activity

We were alerted that visitors to this humble site might get the impression that the project is dead. Heavens no, we're hack machines! Recent changes include the stabilization and parallel installability of the platform bindings. The archive has also seen the addition of a number of non-platform wrappers, among them libpanel-applet, dbus, and evolution-data-server. Check the download page for the latest.

18 July 2004: Moved to Gna!

In light of the continued downtime on savannah, guile-gnome has finally made a home for itself on Gna!. Thanks, Gna! A release will be out Real Soon Now.

18 July 2004: g-wrap 1.9.0 released

One of our own, Andreas Rottmann, has taken over the maintainership of the g-wrap project, a scheme-C bindings generator. This release is the first in well over a year. Version 1.9.0 is a complete rewrite, offering runtime value wrapping, procedure calls using libffi, and a delayed bindings system that decreases load time by a factor of seven.

08 February 2004: GNU arch

We have switched to using GNU arch for primary development. Details about getting the archive can be found on the developer's page. We will, however, keep CVS available as a read-only snapshot of the current development code.

08 February 2004: Split from guile-gtk

Because we aim to cover the entire Gnome library stack, guile-gnome has amicably split from the guile-gtk project. However, until we can open up a new project on savannah, we are continuing to use guile-gtk's mailing lists.