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What is SVN?

Subversion (SVN) is a version control system that allows multiple developers to work on files at the same time. The software developed and modified on the XORP project is stored in a SVN repository. Anonymous access to the SVN repository is available to access the current code for the purpose of porting, patching, and testing the software.

The code in the SVN repository may be buggy or non-functional from time to time, so be prepared to encounter problems and report them. This is part of the purpose of making anonymous SVN access available.

Bug reports, code contributions, and comments for applications in the SVN repository should be sent to the appropriate mailing list. If no mailing list exists for that application, then use feedback@xorp.org.

We recommend the use of SVN version 1.5 and later.

Links on SVN that may be of interest are:

Anonymous Access to the XORP SVN Repository

Anonymous SVN has read-only access to the repository.

Developer Access

For access to the XORP respository, developers will need an SourceForge account. The XORP project administrators will enable Read/Write access for those accounts.


The repository contains XORP source code. The names and descriptions of the modules are listed in the table below. Append the module name to the SVN root to check out a specific module, otherwise the workspace will contain all modules.

module description
xorp The XORP source tree.
data Optional data. E.g., some of it may be used by the XORP regression tests.
docs The XORP user and design documentation source files.
other Utilities and tools found to be useful by the XORP developers.
www The material for XORP WWW pages.
specs RFCs and Internet Drafts.


$ svn co https://xorp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xorp/trunk/xorp
A    xorp/mld6igmp
A    xorp/mld6igmp/mld6igmp_vif.hh
A    xorp/mld6igmp/mld6igmp_source_record.cc
A    xorp/examples/usermgr/Makefile.am
A    xorp/examples/usermgr/usermgr.xif
A    xorp/examples/usermgr/xrl_target.hh
 U   xorp
Checked out revision XXXXX.
$ ls -F xorp
BUGS                    bgp/                    libxorp/
BUILD_NOTES             bootstrap*              mibs/
ERRATA                  cli/                    mld6igmp/
Jamfile                 config/                 mrt/
Jamrules.in             configure*              ospf/
LICENSE                 configure.in            pim/
LICENSE.gpl             contrib/                policy/
LICENSE.lgpl            devnotes/               rib/
LICENSE.other           docs/                   rip/
Makefile.am             etc/                    rtrmgr/
Makefile.in             examples/               static_routes/
MakefileRootCheck.am    fea/                    tests/
MakefileRootCheck.in    fib2mrib/               utils/
README                  libcomm/                vrrp/
RELEASE_NOTES           libfeaclient/           xorp_config.h.in
TODO                    libproto/               xrl/
VERSION                 libxipc/


Any comments or problems with anonymous SVN access with XORP should be sent to feedback@xorp.org.