XORP Mirror Sites

The XORP.org site is mirrored at the following locations:

Name Location Additional services Status
 www.xorp.org  XORP, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA  Primary Site
 www2.xorp.org  UCL, London, UK Secondary (continuously updated)
 www3.xorp.org  UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil Updated hourly
 ftp.gwdg.de  GWDG, Göttingen, Germany Updated every four hours
 www8.xorp.org  DKUUG, The Danish UNIX User Group Updated daily
 www9.xorp.org  Iasi, Romanian Education Network, Iasi Branch Updated hourly
 www12.xorp.org  GARR/CILE Updated hourly
 www20.xorp.org  Globalcore, Vienna, Austria FTP, RSYNC, SAMBA, FTP(releases), RSYNC(releases), SAMBA(releases) Updated hourly
 www21.xorp.org  adMERITia GmbH, Langenfeld, Germany Updated twice a day

If you would like to run a mirror, details are here.