XORP Papers and Presentations

Decoupling Policy from Protocols
Andrea Bittau, Mark Handley
This is a draft paper which discusses the XORP policy framework, the architectural problems we faced, and the solution deployed in XORP.
Feb 2006.

XORP Tutorial
Mark Handley
Powerpoint presentation introducing the motivation behind XORP, the design and function of some of the major components, and some musings on where we're going.
PDF version without animations.
18th December 2005.

Designing Extensible IP Router Software
Mark Handley, Eddie Kohler, Atanu Ghosh, Orion Hodson, Pavlin Radoslavov
In the proceedings of the 2nd USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI) 2005.
This paper gives an idea of the XORP design philosophy, with particular examples from BGP and the RIB. It also includes a preliminary performance evaluation.

XORP goals and architecture
Mark Handley, Orion Hodson, Eddie Kohler.
A short paper that appeared on ACM SIGCOMM Hot Topics in Networking 2002, which describes the goals and some key aspects of the XORP architecture.

Initial project proposal
Mark Handley.
The original project proposal that started this all off in 2000.