Operating a Mirror

If you would like to run a mirror please send a request to feedback@xorp.org, with your IP address. We require your IP address to enable access and to create a wwwNNN.xorp.org DNS entry. We will also require some information about your organisation for the mirror entry and how frequently the mirror will be updated. We strongly recommend that you join the xorp mirror mailing list

As of July 2008 (XORP Release 1.5) 1.7 GB of disk space is required. Each additional release (every 3-4 months) will require on the order of 300 MB (110 MB of this is the LiveCD, and 100 MB for the pre-compiled Windows binary).

We are running an anonymous rsync server. You need to periodically (we suggest hourly) run the following script (or equivalent).


# Pathname of the local mirror directory.

rsync -a www.xorp.org::xorp $XORP_MAIN
rsync -a www.xorp.org::xorp-releases $XORP_RELEASES

For logistic reasons we maintain two trees, one is auto-generated (main web pages) the other (release data) is maintained manually. On our Apache web server we use the "Alias" command to link the release data into place. The simpler option is to copy both trees to the same directory, but then the potentially dangerous "--delete" option could not be used with rsync.

It would be simplest from our point of view if mirrors are run as virtual hosts, rather than as a subtree of an existing server.

The solution (if you are running an Apache server) is:

<VirtualHost {your IP address here}>
    ServerAdmin {your admin email address}
    DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/xorp
    ServerName {your xorp dns name}
    ErrorLog /var/log/www-xorp-error_log
    CustomLog /var/log/www-xorp-access_log common

    Alias /releases "/usr/local/www/xorp-releases"