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(?) What's this word?

From dana gillen

Answered By Jonathan Markevich, Chris Gianakopoulos, Breen Mullins, Huibert Alblas, Heather Stern

(?) Can you tell me what PCMICIA stands for? Thanks!

(!) [Jonathan] Sure. "People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms". (You have an extra "I" in there)
Seriously, I believe it's "Personal Computer Memory Card Inter...   ..." Uh, I forget the "A", thus proving the previous statement.
However, they've since ditched the obscure acronym and now call it "PC Card", since "Memory" was very rarely what it was about.
(!) [Chris G.] The "A", I believe, stands for association.
(!) [Breen] PCMCIA = Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
A good resource for ATDA (All Those Dratted Acronyms) is the Babel File:
(!) [Huibert] Hi, my first post to Tag (here it comes :)
In Gnome is a litle utility called Gdict (Foot->utilities->Gdict) If you go to Settings->preferences->Server->Database you can select V.E.R.A. (Virual Entity of Relevant Acronyms) It's great for looking up Acronyms (Accept the 'wrong' or funny ones are not listed, is there a place those are listed)
Hope I could help
(!) [Heather] Yes, funny ones that have been gathered into hacker lore can be found in The Jargon File:
...although, oddly enough, this one isn't in there. We'll have to fix that! :D

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