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(?) Changing the "login-sequence" in Linux?

From Alf Kato Brandal

Answered By Ben Okopnik

(?) Hello! We are working on a student-project where we want to get a Perl-script to log us in to Linux. Do anyone know how we can do this? Please do not just answer that we need to use the "Expect" module in Perl, cause we don't understand how we can use this. Is there any other way?

(!) [Ben] Erm... let's run this by again. You don't understand how to do something in a certain language which you don't know... so your solution is to switch to another, more complex language which you don't know. Does this make any sense to you?
Read the "expect" man pages and documentation. It is probably the best tool for what you describe, since it is written for exactly this purpose. Put in a little effort, and you'll get back the result you're looking for.

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