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(?) Linux, X, Dell Video Card

From Glenn Martyna

Answered By Ben Okopnik, Daniel S. Washko

(?) I have loaded Red Hat Linux 7.0 on my new Dell computer, (4MB Integrated AGP Video Card,i810 chips set) however, X windows will not start. I tried loading Xfree's 3.3.6 instead of higher level of X present in the Red Hat release. Now I get an error that says "_X11TransSocketUNIXConnext" failure.

(!) [Ben] The Evil TransSocket Error :) simply means that your X server can't connect to your video hardware. Usually, it means that you've chosen the wrong server. I'm not even going to speculate on the problems that you may have created by installing XFree 3.3.6 over a 4.0 installation (at least that's how I'm reading it), but I'm certainly not brave enough to try something like that.
Also, if I remember correctly, there was either no or minimal support for the i810 in 3.3.6, but there was in 4.0. You may want to reinstall, this time with 4.0, and see what happens.
(!) [Daniel] I have a Dell Optiplex 110 running RedHat 7.0. It has the Intel 810 chipset and required this driver: http://appsr.intel.com/scripts-df/filter_results.asp?strOSs=39&strTypes=DRV%2CUTL&ProductID=178&OSFullName=Linux*&submit=Go%21
I hope this link works for you, if not, it is the first selection if you do a google search on "intel 810 and linux." The driver works with XFree 3.3.6 and up.

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