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(?) about the adaptation.

From Meltem YAGLI

Answered By Ben Okopnik

(?) Hello, I am the researh assistant in Eastern Mediterranean University, and i am doing master in computer engineering department. About the adaptation of linux with other operating systems, i have a problem. if you can help me, i will be very happy.

I have a program that is written in C and my operating system is linux now. This program has been done before on dos operating system, (it includes stdio.h, stdlib.h, conio.h, etc..). so, if i want to run this program, linux can not find conio.h. (there is no such library file in linux) Could you help me for this. i wonder, is there any corresponding file in linux that can do the functions of conio.h? The only chance is to include this corresponding file to my program.

(!) [Ben] <Smile> I certainly hope that it's not the only chance. If you take a look at the very top of "conio.h" on a DOS machine, you'll probably see something like the following (this is from the "conio.h" that came with the old Borland Turbo-C):
/*	conio.h

	Direct MSDOS console input/output.

        Copyright (c) Borland International 1987,1988,1990
	All Rights Reserved.
That's why there's none in the standard C 'include's for Linux: it's a DOS-specific library! Now, I've done very little C programming in the last few years - mostly just little quick things - so I haven't had to deal with any fancy console stuff, and no need for anything like "conio.h". If I did, the library that is commonly used in Linux for console I/O is "curses.h". Take a look at libncurses5-dev; you'll have to do a bit of rewriting, since Linux handles console I/O differently from DOS, but it shouldn't be too bad.
Good luck!

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