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(?) More observations of a cardboard box

From tag

Answered By Linux Gazette

On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 03:14:46PM -0500, Randjbarnhart@cs.com wrote:


Maybe the lady who asked about the cardboard box is a spanish teacher. I recently got a version of Don Quixote that talks about him fixing up old knight accessories with cardboard. Since Cervantes wrote the book in the 1500's, I was wondering when cardboard was first used. I know that when my students read this, someone is going to ask about it. Maybe the word "carton" meant a thin type of board used for crates or something. The footnote says cardboard but it has to be wrong --don't you think so? Anyway, sorry for boring you. Just wanted to express empathy for the cardboard box lady.

(!) [Heather] The cardboard box is now infamous in LG (as a reference from issue52/tag/22.html Issue 52)
Our only previous mention of cardboard before that had been to describe that chroot (while imperfect) was better than someone's attempt to keep his users safely trapped in their home directories.
There's a more complete history of packaging than we found last time at:

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